A stray cat came into the house and brought her kittens

by banber130389

This funny story happened to a man in a southern Russian city. The man’s name was Victor.

One sunny afternoon, he was sitting at home working on his computer. Suddenly he noticed a strange cat wandering around his house. Apparently, it got into the house through the back door, which has a small passageway for the dog.

Then Victor decided that the cat had simply mistaken the house. After walking around the house for a while and checking it out, the cat left using the same door. But only at that time Victor had no idea how wrong he had been in his guesses.

The next day the cat was back, and not alone. In her teeth she brought a small striped kitten. Entering the house, using the same door, she began to look for a suitable place to put her child.

Victor did not expect such a turn of events, but quickly realized and brought the cat and her baby a box, putting a blanket there. The man decided that the cat and one kitten would not give him much trouble. Except this time he was wrong again.

The man decided to name the cat Tala. She had gone somewhere again, after resting in the box for a while. Victor became wary, for he was not prepared for such a turn of events. He was afraid that Tala would never come back. But there was a new surprise waiting for the man.

Some time later, the cat came back carrying a kitten in its teeth, but this time it was black. After that, it left three more times, and each time it came back with a kitten.

Victor was at a complete loss as to what was happening. Without suspecting anything, he suddenly became the owner of an adult cat and as many as five of her kittens. A little coming to himself from what was happening, he put the cat bowls of food and milk. And the cat in the meantime happy and contented lying in a box with her offspring.

Victor was pleased that the cat trusted him her offspring, but such a large number of animals he just can not pull. After much deliberation, the man wrote on social networks about his unexpected addition. About how a cat with small kittens appeared in his life and that now he needs help. One girl, a volunteer Zhanna, responded to his article. The girl agreed to take in all the animals.

After a couple of weeks, the cat and its offspring moved to live with Jeanne. She gave each kitten a name. Pushok, Timosha, Cupcake, Musya and Vasilisa began to live with their mother, Tali, in their new family.

The kittens grew quickly, good food, warmth and care did their job. It is still true that cats have a sixth sense, because that is what the cat trusted. After all, the only way to explain that she unmistakably determined that Victor is a kind man and can help her.

From time to time Victor visited the family and found out how they were doing. Three months later, when the kittens had grown up, each of them found a permanent family. Now they are all in good, kind hands. And for Tala also found good, kind new owners, who were happy to take the cat