A story about how the couple found a lot of money and returned it to the owner. You will be impressed

by banber130389

Losing hope when you lost something really valuable is not always the right decision. You should always know that there are still people out there who are really happy to help you in a difficult situation. This is the story about how Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui found a tressure.

They were spending their holiday in California and found a diaper bag that was surely abandoned and there was no one around it. They waited there a little with the hope of someone to appear for the bag, but no one came…

They tried to find any signs of identity in the bag so they could return it, but instead they were shocked to find 5 thousand dollars in there! The honest couple kept looking for identity details, and they actually found some written things, but they couldn’t read it as it was written in Vietnamese.

The video bellow tells about how they found the owner and returned it! They are a real blessing; they were honest and returned it to who it belonged! Watch the video bellow to see how all happened and learn more details about this story. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family too, enjoy watching!