A shark that is estimated to be more than 510 years old. Details from new research

by banber130389

The nature and the animals surrounding us always manage to amaze. But when we talk about the life under the water, it always makes us feel a little mysterious. As it is a very known fact that only a few percent of ocean have been explored.

In the video bellow we want to show you a shark, that might be the oldest living creature in the planet. He is estimated to be more than 510 years old.

There are many researches showing that from 150 to 400 is a common age for sharks, but of course there are not many sharks reaching 400 years, and this one amazes us with its 500 years.

Living five centuries sounds crazy, but it is possibility for sharks. Watch the video bellow and find out more details about this story. We hope this will help you learn and discover something new about the life under the water. You can support us by sharing this article with your family and friends too. Enjoy watching!