A pigeon that can’t fly became a friend for a handicapped puppy

by banber130389

The pigeon, dubbed Herman by concerned people, had been wandering around the doorstep of the car dealership for several days. Observing the pigeon’s actions, the employees of the salon realized that it was most likely injured. They contacted an animal rescue service at the same time, and their conjectures were confirmed.

Volunteers took Herman to the veterinary clinic, where the animal was treated. But unfortunately, after the treatment, the doctors diagnosed that the pigeon will never fly again.

Now it’s time to talk about another hero of this story. The same animal welfare organization that Herman was a part of received a puppy. Lundy was found on the street when he was barely four weeks old. He looked very sickly and weighed only 140 grams.

To make matters worse, Lundy could not walk: his hind legs did not function at all. The staff veterinarians determined that the baby had severe damage to his spinal cord. Because of this, the puppy’s locomotor system is also impaired. Now treatment is being selected for Lundy. After rehabilitation, the puppy will have to learn to move around with the help of a wheelchair.

But Lundy is not discouraged, because he is not alone in his misfortune. As soon as the puppy ended up at the help center, he met Herman. Volunteers were surprised, but Herman and Lundy literally never left each other’s side.

This is how the two animals, who, alas, can no longer live fully, found solace in each other. Now they are inseparable friends. This case once again proves that there are no rules and boundaries for friendship: the birds get along well with dogs.