A photographer adopted an African girl. Twenty-three years later she grew up to be a real beauty

by banber130389

According to statistics, the population of our planet exceeds 8 billion people. According to recent studies, Oxford University experts concluded that 26.5% of people live below the poverty line.

African children

The poorest countries in the world are located mostly in Africa. Somalia is one of the top five poorest countries in the world. The situation in Somalia has not changed for decades. Our country has always defended the right of African peoples to political independence and has provided countries with comprehensive assistance.

Children in Africa have a life of their own. They depend little on their parents and have no food, but despite all this – African children are always smiling… Many children in Africa live on the streets and have no parents.

Very often volunteers from all over the world come to countries in Africa and bring all kinds of food, household items, hygiene products, and even drinking water. It is not easy to get drinking water in Africa.

Many volunteers remain impressed by these trips for a long time. More than twenty years ago, photographer John Carey decided to visit the countries of Africa. He had dreamed of traveling since childhood, and when he grew up, he decided to make his dream come true. The income of the young photographer was small, so he could not afford to travel all the time.

The first country John visited was South Africa. The thriving African country impressed the novice traveler. Then he decided to go to one of the continent’s poorest countries

A trip to Somalia split John Carey’s life in two. Many children in Africa live in poverty, starving, sleeping on the streets, moonlighting in all sorts of ways, and growing up very early.

A young photographer met a little girl on one of the streets. John Cary took some pictures of the child and decided to give them to her parents. He was surprised to learn that the little girl was homeless and living on the streets, and eating from garbage cans. Sometimes passersby would feed the little girl.

Somali Girl.

John Cary decided to help the little girl. The only way out of this situation was to adopt the baby. The paperwork took a long time. But thanks to his persistence, John was able to take the Somali girl across the ocean.

The adoption process is hard, intense, full of hope, and completely changes the way she was used to living. For the first time, the girl could not adjust to her new surroundings. In addition, she didn’t know the language at all. John helped her through all the challenges.

A Somali girl has grown up and is now 25 years old. She is in college and dreams of traveling the world. The girl plans to visit her historic homeland and at the same time help the children of Somalia in any way she can. Share your opinion in the comments.