A miracle of nature: a Labrador was born with an incredible coloration and a heart on his withers

by banber130389

A girl named Alexis is a breeder of purebred Labradors. Just recently her kennel was replenished with as many as eleven adorable puppies. This time the dogs were mestizos – mixtures of Labrador and collie. Each of the puppies was born with absolutely unique colors and spots.

All the puppies were healthy and beautiful, but one of them was unique. The baby was born with a dark brown thick coat and a cute little heart on his withers. The girl could not help but photograph such an unusual puppy: his photos soon spread all over the Internet.

However, in addition to her fans, Alexis also found detractors. Network users tried to accuse the girl of deception, claiming that the heart-shaped spot is an artful photoshop. But Alexis was able to prove otherwise, she published several videos, which clearly show a woolly heart. It’s not fake, but a true miracle of nature.

Now the puppies are gaining strength and in a few months will be ready to go to new loving families. There are already lines for a puppy with such an original coloring. But Alexis warns that all the puppies from the litter are unique in their own way. They’re energetic, kind and obedient, so the hype around one puppy, albeit such a wonderful one, isn’t exactly justified.

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