A married couple was surprised when their luggage was over the limit at the airport, and when they opened it – there was a stowaway sitting there

by banber130389

At the end of September, couple Jared and Christy from the United States were checking in for a flight at the airport.

The couple decided to spend a few days in Las Vegas. At the counter, the man and woman put their luggage on the scale and were surprised to find that it exceeded the norm.

Before their flight, the couple carefully checked the weight of the suitcase, and it fit within the established norm. But when Jared and Christie opened the bag at the airport, they were surprised, because inside was a pet that had decided to rest with its owners.

“You begin to realize that a long-awaited vacation is not going to be what you imagined. Imagine arriving at the airport, opening your suitcase and finding your dog in it.”

The dog, named Icky, loves to hide in places where access is restricted. But the owners had no idea that Icky could crawl into the luggage before the flight.

So that the guys could carry out their plan, an airport employee offered to help in terms of looking after the dog.

The airport employee, who loves animals, was happy that the dog could be found before the flight, because otherwise the animal could suffocate during the flight.