A man was moving a couch in his house and suddenly fell into a well, then decided to go down there

by banber130389

Christopher Towne volunteered to help a comrade who wanted to do a furniture rearrangement. The first item the guys moved was a closet. When the furniture was moved, one of them saw a hatch.

He opened it and discovered a secret passage leading to a well. There were ledges on the object, resembling steps.

Christopher, who had not consulted his comrade, and placed his foot on the first step, slipped and fell down. The mate, who had returned indoors, saw that his friend was gone, and knew at once that something had gone wrong.

Looking inside, the man saw his comrade standing in the water. Fortunately there was a strong rope in the other room, which the other guy used to pull Towne out.

When the men came to their senses, they called for a rescue. The owner of the building checked the house, and it became known that the cottage was over 150 years old. According to historical references, the well had previously been located next to the structure, but after the building was enlarged, the hole was carelessly covered with boards.