A man visited a sheepdog with whom he served for many years

by banber130389

The stories of dogs who have served and parted from their people because of old age are always sad. And how beautiful the reunion of a cynologist and his ward looks.

For example, a German shepherd named Wangwang worked in China’s Henan province for eight years. In 2019, the animal grew old and retired. Of course, she found a new family willing to take care of the elderly dog. However, the pet had to part with her mentor. But not forever.

All because the cynologist decided to visit his former ward. The touching footage of the reunion of the dog and his true master was published in the social network Douyin.

The video shows the dog rushing to the cinematologist and with joy literally falls at his feet, wagging his tail. Unfortunately, the handler could not stay long. As he headed toward his car, the dog began wiggling under his feet and licking his hands, literally begging him to stay.

“Saying goodbye is always hard,” commented the mentor, who posted a reunion video. The filmmaker hopes that he will have more time and opportunities to stop by to see his four-legged friend and colleague.