A man found two small kittens in the basement and raised them into fancy cats

by banber130389

Today’s story is about a man rescuing two little black kittens.

One day the man went to work and as he was leaving the entryway he heard some sounds coming from the basement. Since the man was in a hurry to get to work, he didn’t pay much attention to the sounds and continued on his way.

As he returned home in the evening, he heard the sounds again in the basement of his house. This time he listened more closely and realized there were kittens in the basement asking for help.

The man didn’t have the keys to get into the basement, so he went to a neighbor who had keys and called her to rescue the kittens. First the man found one kitten who was very weak, the second was found by a neighbor in another part of the basement. The man said that he would take the kittens to his temporary care, but in the meantime he would actively look for their mother in the basement.

For several days the man went down to the basement hoping that the mother cat would be there, but unfortunately this did not happen. It took the man a week for the kittens to gain their proper weight and become active. During that week spent with the kittens, he realized he wanted them to stay with him forever. After that decision, he named the kittens Sue and Inky.

Time passed and the cute kittens turned into big cats, gorgeous in appearance. Their fur was so lush and smooth that it made them very graceful and beautiful.

Here’s a picture of what Sue and Inky have become now:

How nice that there are kind people in the world who are willing to help homeless animals. Thank you to the man who was not indifferent and gave a home and love to two kittens.