A house that used to be a school bus. This is how perfectly they arranged it for a comfortable life

by banber130389

In the modern world we have all the opportunities to make our life more and more comfortable. People are full of innovated ideas, and do everything to use them and make our life even better.Building beautiful and comfortable houses is one of the main priorities of these people. And nowadays, you don’t have huge territories for building a house with all your necessities, and this “Container” is a perfect example of that.

We want to introduce you a small house, that used to be a school bus. The atmosphere coming from these photos is absolutely adorable and warm. Everything is detailed and arranged well for a comfortable life. It has a kitchen and in one word everything a person needs for a normal life.

Building all this in a very small space is actually more difficult than it seems. It is enough to use one centimetre not right, and everything will be ruined. This perfectly arranged house’s value is approximately $50.000.

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