A girl with burns showed how she got her beauty back with makeup

by banber130389

Despite her terrible burns, the 20-year-old makeup artist has learned to love herself and change her appearance beyond recognition. Her makeup makes her look amazing.

Shalom Nkom was only 9 years old when she had her accident. Red-hot frying oil rolled over the girl and left her with severe burns on her face, arms and shoulders. She also lost most of her hair. Because of this, the girl soon became an unfortunate victim of bullying.

“I looked at children and elderly people whenever I left the house,” Nkom said. – “I felt like a freak that people came to look at. And I was rude to those who were staring at me. I was hurting and cursing people and crying all the time.”

Now the 20-year-old beauty runs her own blog on YouTube. The girl teaches people the art of makeup and hopes to help them accept themselves for who they are.

“You have to love yourself either way, with or without makeup,” Shalom says in one of the videos. – “I’m happy because I love myself.”

Watch as the girl transforms and reclaims her beauty with makeup.