A girl took in an orphaned fawn and her dog took care of it

by banber130389

A girl named Cheryl is an ordinary Ohio native who runs a small farm. Cheryl raises animals not for sale or sustenance, but for her soul. From a very young age, Cheryl’s parents instilled in her a love and respect for our little brothers and sisters. These qualities she was able to retain until she reached adulthood.

Cheryl fosters abandoned dogs and cats, keeps horses, feathered animals, and most recently a goat and a sheep on the farm. A German shepherd named Sarge is Cheryl’s only purebred pet. One day Cheryl found a wounded fawn and, of course, she couldn’t let the poor thing pass her by. The same day she added a new resident to her farm.

According to Cheryl herself, her dog Sarge was never particularly fond of other animals or household members. He was rather unsociable and even a little menacing.

He was also reluctant to let Cheryl herself near him. But after the arrival of the fawn at the farm, it was hard not to notice the sudden change in Sarge’s behavior.

Cheryl took care of the malnourished fawn and Sarge kept her company in this difficult task. He brought the baby food and toys and fell asleep next to him.

The dog became a real furry nurse and protector of the tiny deer. The attachment of such different animals once again confirms that there are no boundaries for true friendship.

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