A girl picked up a half-living sparrow and helped it, and now it refuses to leave the house and thinks she is her mother.

by banber130389

A couple of lovers, Aleg and Janja, were walking in the park on a Sunday evening and happened to see several baby sparrows. Unfortunately, one of the birds did not manage to survive, but the second chick turned out to be alive.

The couple decided to try to save the bird and took it with them. They went to great lengths to nurse the baby.

He was named Chib, fed every 30 minutes, but the new owners of the bird were very doubtful that the chick could be saved.

But as a result, the exhausted lump began to come to its senses and eventually turned into a handsome sparrow.

The lovers realized that sooner or later they would have to let the wild bird out into the wild, since it was already capable of serving itself. They let the foster bird out into the fresh air and said goodbye to it.

But a quarter of an hour later, the baby came home, flying up and sitting on his mother’s shoulder.

Since then, Chibi hasn’t parted from his “parents.” Today the bird lives in a comfortable cage that is never closed, because the sparrow loves to fly.

The couple lets the baby outdoors every day so that he can socialize with his relatives and get a portion of fresh air and ultraviolet light. But the sparrow always returns home.