A funny and adorable moment with little flower girl. She makes the wedding guests giggle

by banber130389

At one of the weddings the flower girl took the aisle by storm and left everyone in stitches by turning it into her runway. She stood out at this elegant event held in a gorgeously decorated Catholic church, with every little detail, from the choir’s harmonies to the floral arrangements, perfectly arranged.

Our tiny star started her march as the bride and groom excitedly awaited them at the altar. She made every step matter, dressed to the nines, as she personified the happiness and love we all felt.

But then she quickly changed the course of events and ended up being the only center of everyone’s attention . She decided that being the focus of attention was either too much or not enough, and instead of walking on, she turned around on her heel.

This was not an interruption; rather, it was a highlight of this important and beautiful event, that will always stay in everyone’s sweet memories. Her behavior expressed the erratic delight of the day, a welcome departure from custom that even made the priest smile. Check out the video bellow and enjoy watching the adorable “incident”!