A frozen sickly kitty knocked on the window asking to be rescued

by banber130389

On a frosty morning in Quebec, Canada, a housewife heard a strange sound. It sounded as if someone was knocking insistently on the window from the street, but with a weak, trembling paw. She pulled back the curtain and saw it – a sad red cat, desperately scratching at the glass and meowing pitifully. The woman was confused, and then thought to take a picture and send a request to animal rescue.

Who wouldn’t be moved?

The volunteers from Un Chat à la Fois also were very moved, and in half an hour the kitten was in the veterinary clinic. He climbed into the carrier, sat quietly and tolerated while the doctor examined his wounds. And they turned out to be a lot of wounds.

He came to people for help

Source of photo: unchatalafois

No microchip, no collar, not neutered. But there are no characteristic signs of stray life – this cat got on the street very recently, from negligent owners. As is usually the case, someone gave someone an adorable kitten, and then it turned out that the vet bills bite, and the cat itself requires too much expense. They take it by the scruff of the neck and put it out of their sight. And there were frost and hunger, Canadian winters are harsh.

He was named Aslan, after the lion from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Aslan had frostbite, a bleeding wound on his side, diabetes, worms and fleas, plus bad teeth. His blood work was so bad that the doctor put him on a drip for a few days. The cat tolerated everything stoically and did not complain. He only occasionally stuck his paw out of the cage, trying to touch people passing by.

They wanted to put Aslan, cured and fed, on the register, but the word of mouth had already caught up with them-that same picture of the cat outside the window had melted people’s hearts. The cat was immediately found a foster family, where he lives to this day. Aslan eats very well and constantly cuddles up to everyone.

Aslan will never be cold again.

He will never go out on the street again!