A flight attendant becomes suspicious of a young girl and an older man. After takeoff, she discovers a three-word note in the bathroom:

by banber130389

When a man and a teenage girl boarded a flight from Seattle to San Francisco, Alaska Airlines flight attendant Shelia Frederick grew suspicious.

The man was well-dressed while the girl seemed uneasy, avoiding eye contact with others. As Shelia performed her duties, she couldn’t shake her concern for the girl, eventually devising a courageous plan to help her out of what appeared to be a perilous situation.

Shelia shared her suspicions with a colleague and together they orchestrated a distraction to communicate with the girl. While her colleague engaged the man, Shelia discreetly placed a note and pen in one of the airplane bathrooms, locking it with the intention that only the girl would access it.

When the girl responded to the note with a plea for help, Shelia immediately notified the pilot, who coordinated with ground authorities to apprehend the man upon landing.

Since that fateful flight, Shelia has maintained contact with the young woman she rescued from human trafficking. They’ve spoken multiple times over the years, with the girl now pursuing a university education, as reported by the Western Journal.

Shelia Frederick’s bravery and quick thinking serve as a powerful reminder to trust instincts and take action when necessary.

“If you see something, say something,” Shelia urges others, encouraging everyone to follow her example in safeguarding those in need. Share her story to honor her courage and inspire vigilance in all of us.