A first-grader was teased at school, but the cat solved the problem

by banber130389

According to sociological studies, people gravitate toward those who are like themselves, or at least within the system of accepted frames of reference. Those who are very different from the majority often evoke pity or even hostility. A boy named Madden living in Oklahoma, USA, experienced this firsthand.

Because of his physical defects – a cleft lip and heterochromia, otherwise known as colored eyes – the boy was often teased and bullied by his peers at school. Although the cleft lip has been corrected, his eyes remain an unusual feature, found in only one percent of people, which made him an object of interest among his classmates.

Although some children accepted Madden’s distinction, others continued to mock him. He despised these constant taunts, but he didn’t know how to remedy the situation. It wasn’t until a stray cat came into his life that things began to change.

Madden’s mother, Christina Humphries, saw a picture on social media of a stray cat with the same physical characteristics as her son. The cat also had a lip defect and different-colored eyes like Madden’s: the right eye was yellow and the left was blue.

The boy’s mother realized that the cat, named Luna, would be perfect for her son, so with the help of many people, they took Luna home as their pet.

The cat became Madden’s faithful companion, and they quickly became inseparable. Luna’s presence also had a positive effect on Madden’s social life. When he brought the cat to school with his teacher’s permission, the other children were fascinated by its unique traits.

Suddenly Madden’s differences no longer seemed so strange, and the bullying stopped. As it happened, it was a simple stray cat that brought happiness and acceptance into Madden’s life.