A farmer was walking through a field and found a hole he decided to look into, and it turned out to be an ice age cave

by banber130389

Adam Bryczek is a farmer from Poland who one day decided to take a walk around his property. Unsuspecting nothing bad, he saw a hole in which he thought a beast had settled, determined to become the farmer’s neighbor.

The man accidentally fell into the hole, which transported him “back in time” – to 8,000 B.C.

As he fell into the hole, the farmer noticed that the tunnel was branching off in different directions, and, there was some doubt that the hole was home to some kind of animal.

It was quite spacious – the passage was about 10 meters long, about 10 meters high, and up to 140 meters. Adam realized he was in a cave.

The man found it surprising, so he reported it to the curator of monuments Krassnicki poviat.

The historian said that the cave in question could be attributed to the Pleistocene era.

According to the research, which was carried out later, it was found out that the karst cave appeared with the participation of nature, and the vertical planes were surprisingly flat. Historians assured that the find was more than 11,000 years old.

The walls of the burrow suggested that it had been visited by people who had quarried stone here. There were marks on the planes, indicating that tools were worked here, which were relevant at the time.

Despite the fact that information about the cave, was published for a wide audience, it was decided not to declassify the location of the find, as according to the participants of the history excessive attention can harm the unique monument.