A dog in Omsk dug up abandoned kittens in a snowdrift and warmed them up

by banber130389

According to a story by Tanya Terentyeva, as reported by Omsk City News, in November, neighbors were walking together with a dog named Watson on Zavertyaeva Street.

Suddenly, Watson stepped aside and started digging in the snow, not responding to his owners’ calls. The dog whimpered and diligently dug through the snow.

The pet owners wondered why their dog was digging so hard in the snow. And when they got closer to the animal, they saw that the dog had found two small kittens in the snow, shivering from the cold, and he was diligently licking them to somehow warm them up.

The foundlings were temporarily kept by Tanya Terentyeva (who later told the media about this situation). Then we took them to the veterinary clinic, where specialists examined them.

As they found out after the examination the kittens surprisingly had not frostbitten, but, fortunately, only got very cold. It turned out that the kittens were of different ages: one was 1.5 months old and the other was 2.5. Apparently, their former owners simply threw them out and buried them in the snow, so they wouldn’t get out.

They were very lucky that their dog Watson was walking along and quickly reacted and saved the little kittens.

“One kitten, with white paws has already been taken, now we are looking for owners for the second,” said a citizen.

The post with the announcement to shelter the kitten was posted in the social network VK in the group “Omsk VK”. Residents of the city praised Watson for saving lives and decided to give him a bone and even award him a medal.

How nice it is when animals help not only people in need, but also their other lesser brothers.