A cute video of raccoon coming to get his daily donut. Rare footage of a wild animal being among people

by banber130389

Many people avoid interactions with wild animals, and prefer being safe as there is a possibility for them to attack. But attacks from wild animals like racoons are very rare, and they do it when they feel like being in danger and have no other options to escape. It is also recommended to keep distance with them, as they are known for caring different deceases.

The main reason for them to approach people is food. They don’t like being among people, they do it for getting food when they are extremely hungry. Recently, on May 5 2023, a video was posted on TikTok by Samantha Guptill, showing an interaction between a raccoon and a Dunkin’ Donuts staff in Florida.

The funny and cute video shows that the main intention of the racoon was to get the donut, which means that this wasn’t his first time, and he already knew what donuts taste like! We are lucky that the woman filmed this sweet moment, and we now can watch it!

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