A Boxer dad is “attacked” by his puppies and they are just adorable. You should watch this

by banber130389

The video bellow shows puppies adorably “attacking” their dad, not knowing that he is not able to give them what they are looking for- milk.

Parenting can be exhausting and this is surely not only about people. Dogs most of the time have to look after three four and sometimes even more puppies. Imagine taking care of eight puppies at the same time.

Reno is the main hero of the story and he is a boxer dad of eight puppies. Luckily for us Reno’s owner managed to get a footage of them playing with their dad and it is very hilarious.

The adorable puppies surely have a lot of energy and the “victim” of their energy was their dad that day. They were out to play and Reno decided to join them, not knowing what was waiting him.

Watch the adorable video bellow, we are sure this little family scene will fill you with positivity for the whole day. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones too, that way you can also support us. Enjoy watching!