A 40-year-old man decided to shave his beard for the first time in ten years and his wife simply did not recognize this young handsome man

by banber130389

Carlos Costa of Bournemouth, England, had not seen his chin in ten years and had even forgotten what it looked like without facial hair.

And his wife, whom he met seven years ago, had never seen the stranger behind the lush and well-groomed beard at all.

The forty-year-old man works as a professional model, and advertises various devices for facial hair care.

It’s been ten years since I’ve seen my face without a beard, and it’s changed. Now I’m 40 years old, so I’m getting older, and I want to see what I look like without a beard,” Carlos shared.

But only now the man realized that it was time to shave the beard and decided to make this experiment a prank on his wife.

The girl was shocked when she saw her husband without a beard in a new image and did not even recognize him, because she had never seen him like that, he looked much younger:

Do you know how strange it is? I can see your lips moving, and I never thought I’d see you talking,” the wife was surprised.