3-year-old girl was found after 15 hours and here is who kept her safe and warm

by banber130389

The loss of your loved one is a very difficult thing. It is every parent’s worst nightmare to lose their children, and not have from them any news for a long time. This is the story of Bensch family from Arizona who spent a harrowing few hours searching for their missing 3-year-old daughter named Victoria.

The story started when 3-year-old Victoria thought that one if their family dogs was lost, and decided that she could look for him alone. The parents were in panic, when they realized that their daughter was missing. Soon, everyone was looking for the girl, the police were looking for her with a helicopter, and they were doing their best to find her as soon as possible.

It was a cold night and the girl was wearing very light cloths. It was one of the main worries of their parents. Of course, the little girl being alone can be full of dangerous consequences, but fortunately it all ended well after 15 hours thanks to the dog, who kept her warm and safe!

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