This woman went from 56 to 30 very quickly. This is the power of hair and make up

by banber130389

Christopher Hopkins, known on social media as “The makeover guy” has helped many people to find their happiness again. Their eyes always shine after looking in the mirror and seeing the new version of themselves.

This time we want to introduce you Marianne’s transformation that left everyone on social media astonished. First thing she wanted to change about herself was her gray hair, that made her look old, while she is only 56 in the video bellow.

She decided that it was perfect time to change the way she looked and was sure that it was going to be a new chapter in her life.

And of course, the Makeover guy never disappoints and gave her an amazing transformation. Her hairstyle was totally different from what it was in the beginning and she surely loved it so much.

She talked about her emotions and how she felt before and after the transformation. Everything in her life was okay at that moment, but this transformation doubled her happiness.

Watch the video bellow, and see how incredible she looks, we are sure you will love it. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family members too, that way you can also support us!