10 funny photos that show how life changes with a dog in the house

by banber130389

It’s great to have pets in the house. Especially when they are dogs. After all, when we have dogs in our house, a person’s life changes for the better. Here are ten funny photos that show it:

Oh how good it is to sleep with dogs 😁

More often than not, if we have dogs in the house, our sleep is already very different, in the sense that dogs start sleeping with their owners. And it doesn’t matter what size they are, all that matters is getting comfortable on their owners:

And there’s probably an extra blanket 😁

Look at the huge dogs sleeping and just sitting on their beloved owners. That’s probably how dogs feel more comfortable and we owners “bathe” in the warmth and comfort of dog hair:

Mistress! Excuse me if anything, but I’m coming to you 😁

And in the next picture the “tiny” puppy is trying to show his owner who’s the boss 😁. He shows his dominance by biting his chin and saying “I am the boss here”:

I’m in charge, woof-woof 😁

While the puppy is trying to show who’s in charge here, the other dogs are just enjoying themselves on their beloved owners’ feet. There’s the contented one sitting on his owners’ feet, eavesdropping on their conversations:

Oh, mistresses, your gossip is making my ears droop 😁

And here’s the owner riding the bus with his doggie. But where they’re going, the dog apparently doesn’t know. And the dog looks at his owner with loving eyes: I hope you’re not taking me to a shelter? I love you.

Where are we going, dear master? 🥰

And here is a dog – climbed on the roof of the car through the car and sits there quietly. And the owner, apparently, says: “come down, let’s go home nice. But he doesn’t want to and continues to sit there quietly 😁.

Get off the car! Nah… I’m fine here!

Not a single celebration in life passes without dogs, and even at weddings dogs cheer up their owners and take pictures with them, on this festive day. Not for nothing they say, dogs change a person’s life 🐶:

A wedding without dogs is boring 😋

And this dog sits in his master’s briefcase and sits there quietly. Apparently – they are going on vacation with their beloved dog. How great to see pictures like this where owners love their dogs:

Today the owner and I are going on vacation!

And finally, another interesting photo with his dog, where the dog is also sitting in his owners bag and expressing his joy. The dog even waved to the person who took the picture 😁 for good luck.

Oh what a nice walk the doggy had 😁

This is how life changes for a person at home with a beloved dog. How “beautiful” and fun is that!

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